• Till SCHOFER

The Language of World Trade Politics

Updated: May 27, 2019

The start of our project on differential treatment in the environmental, health and trade regimes has been accompanied by the publication of The Language of World Trade Politics (Routledge, 2019), co-edited by our project leads.

Combining a constructivist theoretical lens and a discourse analytic methodology, Prof. Dingwerth and Dr. Weinhardt's research unpacks the central categories of analysis used to frame discussions on trade orthodoxy and potential reform. In particular, a focus is placed on how these central building blocks of international economic policy have changed in meaning over time to widen or close the parameters of negotiations. The book's contribution to our understanding of how WTO politics interact with power dynamics between its members and the (re-)definition of key terms of policy-making in turn helps us in our examination of DTN. Differential treatment is a contested issue with growing calls for a clearer or more updated framework for its implementation, particularly regarding the question of who is eligible for differentiation. Our work on the framing of DTN - over time and across different issue areas - will thus build on our project leads' most recent research endeavours.

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