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Project Lead - Clara Weinhardt, PhD

International Political Economy

 International Relations

North-South Relations

Project Lead - Prof. Klaus Dingwerth

International Organizations

Political Theory

Environmental Policy

Research Associate - Dr. Julian Eckl  

Global Health

Non-Government Organizations

Research Associate - Simon Herr 

International Climate Policy

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Research Associate - Till Schöfer

International Relations​

Trade Policy

Research Assistant - Talisha Schilder


Trade Policy

Asian Politics

Research Assistant - Simon Pompé

EU Trade

Public Policy

Former Team Members

Research Assistant - Francisco Almeida


Democracy Research

Brazilian Politics

Research Assistant - Anna Lena Braun

International Relations

Trade Policy

Research Assistant - Farida Hassan


International Development

Trade Policy


Project Lead - Clara Weinhardt, PhD

Clara Weinhardt is Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Maastricht. Her research expertise covers trade policy, negotiation and cooperation studies, as well as North-South economic relations. Previous projects have looked at WTO politics, language in world trade and EU-Africa diplomacy.  She leads the Berlin arm of the research team, focussing on the development of the Special and Differential Treatment norm in the international trade regime.

Project Lead - Prof. Klaus Dingwerth


Klaus Dingwerth is Professor of Political Science at the Universität St. Gallen. Specializing in political theory and global governance, his research also extends to environmental politics and the digital society. Recent work has focused on international organizations in times of crisis, democratic legitimation in global governance and the framing of trade policy. Together with Clara Weinhardt he co-leads the project as the head of the St. Gallen arm, where research on both climate and health policy is conducted.




Research Associate - Dr. Julian Eckl  

Julian Eckl is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Universität St. Gallen with a focus on international relations. His recent research has looked into the ethnography of international organizations, with a particular focus on the WHO. He has further examined the influence of private foundations in international health politics, as well as changing approaches to malaria prevention. Within the auspices of the DTN project, Julian Eckl is the main specialist for differentiation in the health regime.

Research Associate - Simon Herr, MA

Simon Herr is a doctoral candidate in Political Science at the Universität St. Gallen. His research focuses on the shifting format of differential treatment in the international climate regime.

Research Associate - Till Schöfer, MSc

Till Schöfer is a PhD candidate at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. With a background in international  relations, he focuses on changes in DTN coverage in international trade negotiations. 

Research Assistant - Talisha Schilder

Talisha Schilder is a BA student in European Studies at Maastricht University. She focuses on EU-Asia Relations, Trade Policy and Identity.

Research Assistant - Simon Pompé

Simon Pompé is a MSc candidate in Public Policy & Development with a specialisation on WTO trade in Maastricht at the United-Nations-University MERIT. His other research focus lies on post-conflict development and EU trade in the Southern Neighbourhood. 


Former Research Assistant - Francisco Almeida

Francisco Almeida is a Master of Public Policy candidate at the Hertie School in Berlin. Prior to his graduate studies, he worked for Brazilian and international organizations, focusing on Brazilian mining, oil and gas, as well as trade policies

Former Research Assistant - Anna Lena Braun

Anna Lena Braun is currently pursuing a master in International Relations at the Free University of Berlin. Previously, she has worked for EU delegations and humanitarian NGOs.

Former Research Assistant - Farida Hassan, MA

Farida Hassan is a recent graduate from the Hertie School of Governance's Master of International Affairs program. She previously worked in the fields of development co-operation and migration.